What are Squishies?



Squishies are considered to be one of the hottest items in the present. A huge number of individuals are crazy about squishies and their huge expansive lines makes it possible for them to cater to the different preference and taste of their audience. But what exactly are squishies and why has it grown in popularity over a short course of time?

Squishies are wide assortment of toys that comes in different shapes and sizes. Their vast and expansive design makes each and every one of these squishies look unique and different from the rest. This has definitely gone a long way in making them endearing to their fans as collecting them becomes a more fun and engaging activity that can be enjoyed young and old alike. Indeed, one of the main reasons for their huge success is that there is no certain demographic for squishies they need to follow.

As mentioned earlier, squishies has benefited greatly from having a variety of designs. They are fairly small in size (take a look here) which makes them relatively easy to carry around wherever you go. The sky is indeed the limit when talking about squishy variations. As a result, people today will not be finding any shortage of designs to choose from. Designs range from different theme and setting which includes food, desserts, treats, pets, animals and many more.


Squishies just as their name implies, are toys that can be squeezed firmly and return to their normal shape after a couple of seconds. This in turn makes them classified as stress toys because of their inherent ability to relieve stress from their owners. Many fans feel a huge amount of relief when playing with squishies. The reasoning behind this is that our bodies often becomes tense when we are stressed. This in turn can make some people to physically clench. Squishies are there to provide some form of relief as it helps release some of your pent up energies while at the same time induces relaxation. This added benefit helps make squishies provide an extra form of utility to their owners without others even knowing about it.

The squishy phenomenon is taking the world by storm. This can be seen with countless number of pictures taken and uploaded about them. The same can also be said with regards to online videos especially in popular streaming sites such as YouTube where they are in abundance. Don’t get left behind start your squishy collection today!