Photo Booth Trend: Canvas Print Photos



Photo booths of today differ greatly from the ones in the past. Present day booths have benefited well with modern technology which makes it possible for them to produce a great deal of pictures in a short amount of time. Aside from that, the way these photos are printed has also expanded greatly giving people a huge amount of options to choose from on how they want their pictures to be presented. Canvas print photos have been growing in popularity and have been integrated in several photo booths in the present. Let us look at what the allure of canvas print photos as well as find ways on how you can implement them to your booth.

Photo booth like the ones found in Melbourne, Australia, specifically, produces a variety of prints in different shape and form. The added options are considered to be very much welcomed resulting to positive feedbacks and reception from their users. For instance, photo booth favors are used as present to guests and these pictures are given a fresh new take with them being printed in a variety of items. Others however, often go the extra mile offering canvas print photo options to their guests.

Several artists often make use canvas to paint a variety of pictures they can imagine. This can then be displayed to the public for them to see. Canvas is known to be pretty durable with many of them able to stand the test of time. This is one of the reasons why they are still widely used even in the present day. The same concept applies with canvas print photos however the pictures are a bit more customizable. People take a couple of pictures in a photo booth and after that, they can choose what picture they want to use for the canvas print. A few changes can be done with your canvas print photo such as increasing their width while enveloping them with print. This in turn helps create a sense of 3D feel with the picture that you are printing.


Canvas print photo offers a fresh new take on how photo booth pictures are printed and presented. With that being said, their setup will require a bit more effort and time to accomplish. Be sure to get in touch with your photo booth rental company as you open up your idea of canvas print photo. These individuals will be more than happy to help you with your needs.