Dealing with Pet Loss: Hold a Memorial Service to Pay Tribute



Pets are cute and we adore them. They make out lives smooth and worth living. Every little thing they do puts a smile in our heart and we can never but appreciate how they turn our life into something that we have never thought of. With every little insignificant action in normal eyes, they show us how much they move and adore. They are such a good friend and companion. And losing them will always be a devastating scenario. Sometimes we can accept the death. But sometimes it is so hard that it becomes hard for us to accept it. And there’s where the problem begins. The life becomes stagnant. We go into the grief stage so deep that it becomes much harder to come on top of it. Not only that, sometimes we are clueless as what we need to do. We want to get over it yet we don’t know how.


This is where aspects such as memorial services do come in. L C Memorials gives us a channel where we can pour our emotions and feel better of ourselves we can convey the emotions the close bond that we had with the deceased pet, and subsequently, while paying tribute it itself makes it easier to accept the death. The memorial serves not only for the deceased one but also to us, where, we can channel our grief in a positive and constructive manner.

But what we do mean by constructive? It simply means channeling our grief in such a way that, we could come out of it instead of destroying ourselves in the process. It has such a important factor that it can make it break it. It can prevent depression that comes along with a death. Let’s face it, when death comes to someone that was close with us, there will be some level of depression and it is very natural to feel that way. In fact you’ll be termed abnormal if you don’t feel it that way. But everything has a limit. If you merge into the grief so much that, there is no way out, then you are in deep trouble. You have to track of your emotions actions after days when the death has occurred so that you yourself keep in check. It is very easy to go into depression as life makes it hard for us to survive already.


But you have to come on top. You can’t let any death to put you and yourself into jeopardy. It will help if you get support from outside but even if you don’t, don’t be discouraged. More chance is, you yourself are enough to handle yourself and ready to cope up with anything that comes along.

Yes, the deceased pet and its memories will always be there with us. But instead of going through depression, you can cherish the moments that you had and also the close emotional tie that you had. It is what we can make some positive outlet of emotions where you aren’t indulged in negative thoughts rather you are putting it into a perspective where you can actually start your daily life once again. It is a baby step to a long road ahead yet, it has significance because it enables us to make ourselves realize that we are going in the right direction and nothing can stop us from it.

The memorials give us an opportunity to let these emotions out and bring peace into our mind. The troubled mind seeks peace and this is one way, where you can accept death and bring sanity to your mind if you indeed are feeling that, it is becoming much harder to cope up with the death.