Best selling Smartphone Of 2017


The top selling mobile in 2017, if one asks, then go no further than the flagship mobile of Samsung S7

With Android 6.0 (upgradable to 7.0) this phone comes with cutting edge technology that no other smart phone comes when you compare the price. It’s a bit costly but hey, if you want quality, then you need to pay for it too.

With 4 GB of ram, you will never face lagging/hanging when it comes to S7. The octa core processor is more than enough that you can throw any applications or games. With amoled display, you get crisp Clear picture which is clear even if you look at it just once. But that’s not all; it comes with gorilla glass 4 which will protect your phone from damage. Let’s face it, while taking up a call or putting it in charge, some day or the other the phone falls down. But isn’t it great that even if it falls yet doesn’t even get a scratch and works as perfectly as it was before?

There’s S7 for you. Even if you are a rough user, it doesn’t matter because gorilla glass takes care of the shock that comes with an impact.

With 12mp camera, rest assured you don’t need to carry a digi cam. Just a reminder, you’ll get a higher mp camera in the same price range but no one can beat the quality of pictures that comes from a Samsung phone. Even if the environment hasn’t enough light, rest assured, you wouldn’t need to edit the pictures as they will be as beautiful as it would have been in same day light.

Samsung S7 is what you call a true excellence. Quality always comes with price. But it comes with such lucrative offer that you just can’t put your face away.

Then why are you waiting for? Go online/store and get the experience of the best selling mobile of the year 2016-2017.